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The war of the web

20/12/2009 - webtrains reflexions

Ou pourquoi il n'y aura pas de version Facebook pour Web Trains... Tim O'Reilly propose sa vision des systèmes sociaux aujourd'hui totalement fermés, où l'utilisateur n'a aucun contrôle sur le système, lui même bridé au prix de l'accessibilité et de l'interopérabilité.

Extrait de la guerre du web, de Tim O'Reilly (ou la traduction en français de Framablog) :

If you've followed my thinking about Web 2.0 from the beginning, you know that I believe we are engaged in a long term project to build an internet operating system. [..] I've argued that there are two models of operating system, which I have characterized as "One Ring to Rule Them All" and "Small Pieces Loosely Joined," with the latter represented by a routing map of the Internet.

The first is the winner-takes-all world that we saw with Microsoft Windows on the PC, a world that promises simplicity and ease of use, but ends up diminishing user and developer choice as the operating system provider.
I've outlined a few of the ways that big players like Facebook, Apple, and News Corp are potentially breaking the "small pieces loosely joined" model of the Internet. But perhaps most threatening of all are the natural monopolies created by Web 2.0 network effects.

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